Set Of Two Retro Storage Tins

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Tin Set Choices

Add some cool retro to any room with a choice of three different sets of fun, bright, retro storage tins: 2 tins for £10.

Ideal storage tins for various hobbies including art, DIY, sewing, crafting, cooking or to use in the kitchen for storing utensils, or centre pieces as candle holders. Whatever you need these tins for, you need them in your life! Adding a touch of bright, retro fun to any room or garden

Choice from three different sets:

Lemons & Harissa

Anchovies & Mackerel

Coffee & Paprika

Or Buy all six for a discounted price, to complete the set.

Each tin has a gold protective lining on the inside.

Made From: Tin

Measurements: Mackerel< Lemons and Coffee tins: 13cm tall, 11cm diameter, Anchovy, Harissa and Paprika tins: 12cm tall, 10cm diameter