Bubble Tea Boba And Easter Eggs Gift Box

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A pot of Bubble Tea bursting boba of your choice, surrounded by loads of delicious mini chocolate easter eggs, all in an Easter gift box.

A gorgeous and unusual gift this Easter:

An Easter Bunny gift box containing one pot of Bubble Tea boba, surrounded by mini chocolates easter eggs (average contents 350g of chocolate delicous-ness!)

Choose from the Bubble Tea bursting boba flavours below:

Lychee, Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Mango, Blueberry, Passion Fruit.

Each pot contains enough Boba for three drinks.

The ideal Easter gift for kids and adults who love Bubble Tea.


  • Halal & Vegan Ingredients: The Boba Bubble Tea Box contains halal ingredients that are safe for everyone to enjoy
  • Use in Any drink: Simply add the Boba to your favourite drink, such as water, lemonade, squash and for adults, they also are beyond delicious in Prosecco, Gin & Tonics and cocktails.
  • Long Shelf Life:The Boba Bubble Tea Box has an expiry date 3-6 months from order date and is best stored in a cupboard away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Sip on delicious fruity boba drinks anytime you want without leaving home

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Got one of these for my Easter present. I loved the Apple boba. thanks so much


Cute and arrived quickly and full to the brim

Grace O'hara

The box was very cute and made a perfect little easter something

Roger French

Niece loved it! Can't go wrong with mini eggs and the boba were really sweet!

Vanessa H.

Cute little easter gift