Cold Case Investigation Mystery Crime Game

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If you know someone who loves a murder mystery, or an unsolved crime drama on TV, this is the PERFECT gift for them.

We all know someone who is constantly watching unsolved crime documentaries and dramas on TV, or reading cold case murder books and we all know how it feels to watch the twists and turns as the cases unfold, well now, thanks to an ex-police detective here in the UK, you can lead the investigations for yourself.

In each game you will receive an evidence folder jam-packed with police reports, crime scene photos, newspaper cuttings and all the information that you need to crack the case. A great fun project to do by yourself or as part of a team.

Choose from two different games:

The Jewellery Heist

Calling all wannabe Detectives and True Crime fans. Do you have what it takes to crack our case? A necklace worth over £1,000,000 has been stolen, apparently, from a locked safe. Could it be the disgruntled ex, the twisted stalker or the organised crime gang member?

By playing this game you get to be a Detective, examining all the evidence and original case file documents to find out whodunnit!

The experience has been created by a qualified Police Detective who has poured years of investigatory experience into creating this unique stand alone Investigation.

This game is perfect for individuals, couples and groups to play at home. You will receive a case file consisting of witness testimony, photographs, phone records and loads more.

This game does not need any batteries or any other materials. An internet connection is beneficial however NOT ESSENTIAL


Who Killed Jenny?

One of Leicestershire’s leafy suburbs has been mildly piqued by a murderer operating within its midst.

Unscrupulous businesswoman Jenny has been carted off by the Grim Reaper with the assistance of persons unknown.

Investigators have gathered phone records, witness testimony, autopsy data, officers body cam footage and loads more as evidence for you to use in your search for the killer.

Find the motive, work out the time of death then find the lie to solve the case.

Minimum Age recommendation 12yrs +

Group size 1-6

You will need access to the internet to engage with recorded aspects of this game.

Customer Reviews

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I love this product, it's so well done! We really enjoyed. Recommended!


Quick delivery, well made and unusual! Recipient loved it and very pleased with my purchase.

Jilly Howlet

My husband loved this gift for his birthday! I will be ordering the others.

Amanda Holloway
Very well written with a lot of content

I got this for me and my sister and we loved it. So much detail and content it really made us feel what it must be like for real detectives. We got Who killed Jenny so will be ordering another from the set.

Bojena Pandelieva

Cold Case Investigation Mystery Crime Game