Personalised Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Kit

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Add A Bubble Tea Greetings Card

This personalised Bubble Tea gift box contains 4 delicious Milk Bubble Teas, just add water and milk. Personalise with any text of your choice.

Each Milk Bubble Tea Kit Includes:

4 x Tea bags

4 x Packets of ready to eat Tapioca

4 x Recyclable cups and lids

4 x Boba straws

1 x 150ml bottle of Brown Sugar Syrup

1 x sheet of personalised bubble tea stickers

Instructions of how to make the delicious Milk Bubble Teas:

1.Make a cup of tea using the tea bags included and adding as much milk to taste, in a heat-proof mug or cup (not in one of the cups included)

2. Add two handfuls of ice to the tea and leave to cool

3. Take one of the sachets of premade Tapioca and whilst still in the packet break up any clumps which have formed. Then pour the contents into the tea.

4. Open the syrup and using one of the plastic cups included, pour 1/4 of the syrup carefully around the inside rim of the cup and allow the syrup to drip down.

5. Pour the tea and tapioca into the cup, pop a lid on and enjoy your milk bubble tea drink.


Please note that any tea bags of your choice can be used. i.e. caffeine free

Ingredients: SYR68 - Fructose, Brown Sugar, Glucose, Water, Sucrose, Oligo, Brown Sugar Flavour, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Colour: E150d (Caramel) (Sulphite)

Certified Vegan and Vegetarian

Allergens: Sulphites

Why not add a Bubble Tea greetings card to match the occasion? See the photos for the different designs: Happy Bubbly Birthday. Happy Bubbly Christmas, Unicorn Happy Birthday, Unicorn Happy Christmas, Best-Teas and You're A Cu-Tea!”

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