Personalised Special Year Retro Sweet Tins With Music

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The perfect birthday gift for sweet lovers: A ring pull tin containing retro sweets, personalised with any text, any year of your choice and music.

The perfect Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary, Thank You or Thinking Of You gift, which is guaranteed to bring a big smile to the recipient's face. A trip down memory lane with a selection of old skool sweets along with with some classic hit songs, all brought together in a personalised ring pull tin, what's not to love?!


Our retro tins are the perfect keepsake for storing food, stationery, utensils, tools etc. when the delicious contents have been eaten. Each tin contains the following:

1 Sherbit Fountain, 1 dipdab, 1 FizzWiz, 3 Drumstick lollies, 8 Black Jacks, 8 Fruit Salads, 4 chocolate cars and 8 old skool chewy toffees.

Personalise each tin with any text of your choice for the message.

Then select any year of your choice, from 1950 onwards, to be printed on the tin label and for the playlist to be made from.

Each tin has a gold protective lining on the inside.


ALLERGENS: Nuts, Milk - See individual sweets for more allergy information. Please read carefully before consuming.

Plus, each tin has a Spotify code on the design, which when scanned on your phone or tablet, will launch a specially curated playlist containing all the hits from the year selected, ranging from 100 - 250 tracks per year, depending on the number of new hits released that year. Using a playable Spotify code, the playlist can be streamed instantly for your loved one to enjoy and reminisce while they read your thoughtfully crafted personal message and munch their way through the selection of retro sweets.

Watch the short Spotify video on how it works:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Reese F.

Packed full with sweets, love the personalised aspect as well. Great playlist


Very fun and sentimental gift for quite cheap, would certainly buy another again

Nicky Palmer

Great gag gift, loved the sweets included

Callum Enfield

Bought as Christmas present - still to open tin but well impressed with the Spotify list as theres loads on it and all favourites that brought back memories